Senmomo tl: 20k lines done by NOT ME, LF hacker, editor, reasons to believe in God again, etc


So like a guy I know called Jeremiah Sand has worked on a partial tl for Senmomo (20k+ lines translated, trial is 10k); the partial release would cover the trial probably. However, his hacker has gone MIA, the usual tools seem to not work, his editor got depression and killed himself (furi: ghosted him on discord), his little sister got cancer, etc (I don’t even know if he has a little sister fuck). Anyway he needs help doing tech work on the engine and an editor and shit or this thing’s never getting released. He might have significantly less time to work on Senmomo than he did when he was translating the trial, but he’s kind of autistic about August games so if y’all make him enthusiastic about the project again he might be able to get it done eventually.

To aid him in his quest, contact him on discord: Jeremiah Sand#4446

inb4 “I can’t edit or hack but ill be the project leader”

…Or you could pm me first and get roundly mocked before I redirect you, your choice really.

2 thoughts on “Senmomo tl: 20k lines done by NOT ME, LF hacker, editor, reasons to believe in God again, etc

    1. > Do you still need help?
      Given that the title has NOT ME in all caps, hopefully not. That said, please do send me a million dollars to squander.

      I believe the man mentioned in the post still needs an editor, but I can’t remember. Do contact him!


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