Shinobi Harisenbo complete English patch release

The Harisenbois are delighted to present you with a full patch for Shinobi Harisenbo, an otomege about a princess and her loyal shinobi (tl note: ninja) set in the Sengoku Era. Beset by an apparition that will kill her if she speaks untruth, can our princess at last tell her shinobi how she really feels?


(Japanese-only tyrano port with more content: I may or may not port this to kirikiri for a translation. The Kirikiri version is not officially available anymore.)

This one’s been mostly done for a while but one of the bonus images took a lot of time to clean, and that was after taking a while to find an image editor. Oh, and the language used is kind of fancy and/or old-timey, and the translation attempts to reflect that; do be aware.

Known bugs / annoyances:

*A few long lines may have bad line breaking in the backlog.
*Saves made without the patch will probably not work with it. (because the in-script chapters are renamed)

FAQ: (fore-anticipated questions)

What’s the backlog hotkey?

R. Probably comes from the japanese “rireki”. I hate it too, but not enough to mess with the kirikiri hotkeys and add page up/down + mousewheel.

Why disable name selection?

There’s a lot more length variety in Western names than Japanese ones which would mess with line breaking. We may or may not also be biased against self-insertion features.

I heard rumors of an easter egg?

No you didn’t, but anyway… try extracting the game files 😉

I am someone’s sister, would you like to marry me Zaka?

Probably maybe.



Chacha (script ~85%, character intros)
Zakamutt (script ~15%, UI, most of afterword)


Anonymous boi
Zakamutt (like 10 lines anon inexplicably refused to do, random edits to taste in a finalizing pass)

Image Editing


QA Testing

UtenaBabe (Michelle)

Technical expert (“Hacker”)

Zakamutt (Kirikiri is so good to work withhhhh fuck nscripter and YU-RIS)


Technical autism notes:

There’s more involved in loc than just translating the text of the game. For example, the textbox originally was utilized much less efficiently; I changed it so that the name displays much higher up, giving extra space for long lines. I also rewrote the functions that writes the date string in savegames – the original implementation used a very convenient thing where it would just pick from an index in a string since all jp days can be represented with 1 character. I replaced the homepage link on the title screen with their new homepage – which they changed to a few months before this release. I changed the backlog window to use different margins, which made it so that fewer lines are prematurely character-wrapped. I also had to the alter the button position for the extra-big button I made for a very long choice text. Basically all of these things were fairly easy to do thanks to kirikiri’s scripts being fully decompilable, human-readable, and having easy-to-change constants defined. It’s mostly a question of finding the right setting, really.

12 thoughts on “Shinobi Harisenbo complete English patch release

      1. It seems I spoke too soon, they’ve changed the kirikiri version for a tyranobuilder port. Since the original is no longer available, I’ll upload a prepatched version instead soon.


  1. thank you so much for the reupload! I was disappointed when I couldn’t get the old patch to work on the other site’s version. This game is so pretty I’m glad we can play it again 🙂


    1. I spoke to soon lol. It seems my computer can’t run the game. I try to launch the game and receive a “broken registry” error & some code. Does anyone else have this issue? Is there something I’m not doing properly?


      1. I switched to japanese locale (&restart), but again i’m getting a message “は開けません”/can’t open .exe file, and that’s it. I’m pretty useless with computers though so this could be something simple i’m forgetting. Here’s a screenshot of the popup message:


      2. I’m not sure what could be causing this error, actually. One thing I would try is to extract the game to a different directory (like C:\VNs\harisenbo-en); if your user name has special characters in it kirikiri (the game engine) might mess up trying to read the path to the file. Also the Downloads folder could be protected by Windows against unusual programs (this kind of thing makes a lot of programs not work properly when run from Program Files, for example). Other long shots are if your files are set to “read only” but usually this doesn’t happen for things that you unzip, so I don’t know…


  2. It works! I moved the whole folder to C: and it loaded. I have an accented letter in my name so that was probably the special character messing it up.Thank you so much for helping me out!


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