Doujinshi tl: Yomiji Hyakki Yakou (Meido Yomi) Kyou no Login Bonus wa Kochira desu

So yeah I translate doujinshi with other bois and this one ended up using the memeshii name so I guess I’ll post about it here. Unfortunately I can’t really just give you an e-h link because I’d like to keep this blog not linking anything illegal bar translation patches (which are still illegal unless authorized, but not big illegal), so I can really only give you the title:

(C93) [Yomiji Hyakki Yakou (Meido Yomi)] Kyou no Login Bonus wa Kochira desu (THE IDOLM@STER CINDERELLA GIRLS) [English] [Memeshii]

So what’s this about? Well it’s a doujin featuring Chihiro, the assistant in the Cinderella Girls fork of the idolm@ster franchise. Pretty good tbh. Had a lot of fun tlc/editing some of it. Definitely. Certainly didn’t take a year to finish because I’m lazy. Nope.

TL – Society (how extremely anoymous a name. practically gives me anomie)
TLC/Edit/Autism – Zakamutt
Cleaning/Typesetting – TomeKing (thank god he agreed to do it or we’d be fucked)

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