This is where I die today

What do you do when you see someone about to take their life? I’m sure there’s more than one answer to that question — but when it happened to me, I had neither the time nor the composure for idle philosophy.

When he sees Mishima Yuka throw herself off a bridge into the river below, Haibara Kyousuke follows right after, saving her from drowning. But it’s not like he wants to deal with this kid — he just had to do it… or so he wants to think. Well, said girl wants none of his indifference, and forces her way into his life — to find out why exactly he saved her life, or so she says. All Kyousuke wants is that she at least end her life without regrets; all she wants is to take her life. But just as Mishima has her demons, Kyousuke has his own to deal with. How do you find the strength to live in a world where you don’t fit in, where nothing seems to quite work out for you? They’re both looking for an answer… and maybe together, they can find it.

Detailed progress for this project will be tracked by the Fuwanovel VNTS as well as (usually) the Reddit VNTS. I am currently about to wrap up second pass translation (155 lines left + change) and let people TLC.