Hi, this is Zakamutt speaking.

Memeshii Translations translates Japanese visual novels, or something. Really though I needed a group name so it’s not just my name on translation releases which didn’t just have me working on them, so there you go.

Why the name?

The primary reason is that one day Zaka was reading Amairo Islenauts and a kid used 女々しい (memeshii, effeminate) in dialogue, and Zaka found this amusing. The secondary reason is that “meme translation” has become an overbroad and sometimes adopted-for-ironic-effect (as here!) label for any translation that takes liberties, even when those liberties serve to better convey the meaning of the source language text. The tertiary reason is that I like yuri and 女 + 女 = … which also fits the first release, I guess.

I could probably make up some galaxy brain take about -らしい, which is sort of like the しい ending to many Japanese adjectives, only speaks of reasoned similarity rather than certainty, implying that it only looks like memes, but really I should probably have called it (consults my grammar knowledge…) the -そう ending for idk, 女々しそう or whatever in that case.

Will you translate [x]?

Is it under 500 lines, free, and does its engine have good tool support? God I never want to work on something YU-RIS again after fucking asu owaru sekai. Maybe if someone actually releases better YU-RIS tools than the Ozmafia script tools thing…

Anyway, I probably still won’t, I have other tl projects to do like Shinimasu, and after Shinimasu I want to do one of Shimaisou, Suki Tokimeki to Kiss, or the MakoUso/Kozue wa Takashi double pack. Or something.