The world ends tomorrow / 明日終わる世界、その前夜 Translation

It’s the evening before the end of the world, and Sumire’s spending it with her big sister, Azami. But will she be able to convey her true feelings before it’s all over?

The world ends tomorrow is a short yuri visual novel originally released by Natsukon, who those of… amber, eclectic tastes may know for their rather different title Yurinate!. No need to worry about anything lewd in TWET though, bar handholding I suppose. Ahem.


Translation credits:

  • Zakamutt ・ Translator, project leader
  • Vokoca ・ Translation checker
  • Fred the Barber ・ Editor
  • Konu ・ Image editor, QA
  • Asonn ・ Indirect QA (ask me how that works)

Special thanks to:

  • The Yurinate team for helping me with the tools
  • Hanako for inspiring me to translate (to troll him, I must admit) & providing a first original text script to use
  • VerdelishJP for letting me into her Hell Harem
  • Zander for indirectly inspiring me to finish up this tl by motivating me to get ep 1 of Shinimasu finished