Doujinshi tl: Yomiji Hyakki Yakou (Meido Yomi) Kyou no Login Bonus wa Kochira desu

So yeah I translate doujinshi with other bois and this one ended up using the memeshii name so I guess I’ll post about it here. Unfortunately I can’t really just give you an e-h link because I’d like to keep this blog not linking anything illegal bar translation patches (which are still illegal unless authorized, but not big illegal), so I can really only give you the title:

(C93) [Yomiji Hyakki Yakou (Meido Yomi)] Kyou no Login Bonus wa Kochira desu (THE IDOLM@STER CINDERELLA GIRLS) [English] [Memeshii]

So what’s this about? Well it’s a doujin featuring Chihiro, the assistant in the Cinderella Girls fork of the idolm@ster franchise. Pretty good tbh. Had a lot of fun tlc/editing some of it. Definitely. Certainly didn’t take a year to finish because I’m lazy. Nope.

TL – Society (how extremely anoymous a name. practically gives me anomie)
TLC/Edit/Autism – Zakamutt
Cleaning/Typesetting – TomeKing (thank god he agreed to do it or we’d be fucked)

Shinobi Harisenbo complete English patch release

The Harisenbois are delighted to present you with a full patch for Shinobi Harisenbo, an otomege about a princess and her loyal shinobi (tl note: ninja) set in the Sengoku Era. Beset by an apparition that will kill her if she speaks untruth, can our princess at last tell her shinobi how she really feels?


(Japanese-only tyrano port with more content: I may or may not port this to kirikiri for a translation. The Kirikiri version is not officially available anymore.)

This one’s been mostly done for a while but one of the bonus images took a lot of time to clean, and that was after taking a while to find an image editor. Oh, and the language used is kind of fancy and/or old-timey, and the translation attempts to reflect that; do be aware.

Known bugs / annoyances:

*A few long lines may have bad line breaking in the backlog.
*Saves made without the patch will probably not work with it. (because the in-script chapters are renamed)

FAQ: (fore-anticipated questions)

What’s the backlog hotkey?

R. Probably comes from the japanese “rireki”. I hate it too, but not enough to mess with the kirikiri hotkeys and add page up/down + mousewheel.

Why disable name selection?

There’s a lot more length variety in Western names than Japanese ones which would mess with line breaking. We may or may not also be biased against self-insertion features.

I heard rumors of an easter egg?

No you didn’t, but anyway… try extracting the game files 😉

I am someone’s sister, would you like to marry me Zaka?

Probably maybe.



Chacha (script ~85%, character intros)
Zakamutt (script ~15%, UI, most of afterword)


Anonymous boi
Zakamutt (like 10 lines anon inexplicably refused to do, random edits to taste in a finalizing pass)

Image Editing


QA Testing

UtenaBabe (Michelle)

Technical expert (“Hacker”)

Zakamutt (Kirikiri is so good to work withhhhh fuck nscripter and YU-RIS)


Technical autism notes:

There’s more involved in loc than just translating the text of the game. For example, the textbox originally was utilized much less efficiently; I changed it so that the name displays much higher up, giving extra space for long lines. I also rewrote the functions that writes the date string in savegames – the original implementation used a very convenient thing where it would just pick from an index in a string since all jp days can be represented with 1 character. I replaced the homepage link on the title screen with their new homepage – which they changed to a few months before this release. I changed the backlog window to use different margins, which made it so that fewer lines are prematurely character-wrapped. I also had to the alter the button position for the extra-big button I made for a very long choice text. Basically all of these things were fairly easy to do thanks to kirikiri’s scripts being fully decompilable, human-readable, and having easy-to-change constants defined. It’s mostly a question of finding the right setting, really.

Like a swatted fly (叩かれたハエ) translation patch release

Warning: this VN contains explicit rape scenes and very mean words toward those of a homosexual orientation.

Yoshida was forced to give up his seat in the prefectural legislature due to a scandal caused by his imprecautions towards homosexuals. He decides to stay in the hospital for a while, feigning illness, to let the heat die down. But the hospital turns out to be a wretched hive of sapphic debauchery!
(Or so he thinks.)
He decides that corrective punishment is in order – and there is nothing for it but to assault the damned gays with his own two hands.
(Or so he thinks.)
“I’ll teach those accursed virgins just how wonderful sex with a man is!” he thinks to himself.
(Yoshida thinks all lesbians are virgins.)

-DLsite Japan description, own translation (vndb)


This patch should work with the DLsite English as well as the DLsite Japan version, I think they’re the same. To use, place patch.xp3 in the game directory (where 叩かれたハエ.eXe is). If you can’t pay 108 yen on DLsite for whatever reason (well, it’s 54 right now…), I’m sure lewd cat noise will provide an alternative if you look for 叩かれたハエ.

…Okay, so why the fuck did I pick this thing to translate? Well the thing is, it’s written in this distant, formal, acerbic third person. Combine that with the fun of writing a raging bigot (related: I’ve always wanted to do my own take on Takuji’s classroom speech in Subahibi), the rape scenes being kind of hot (related: I have no standards), the surprisingly amusing plot, and the low-ass line count, I was convinced: I had to do it. It was just too good a match for a style I love to write in; not having to limit your vocabulary to write to the work’s level is hella feeling. I might have gone a bit further than the original, but I think I kept it within acceptable bounds. Enjoy, and maybe fap.

What, you’re still here? fine, STORY TIME.

How did I find it, you ask? I think originally someone just clicked random on vndb, saw the misleading dlsite description, and posted it in some Discord I frequented. Having read the description, I was intrigued – it looked like a horrible glorious disaster of a concept, and raping lesbians feels kind of like the ultimate version of my rape fetish (dont kinkshame ok). As such, entirely bamboozled as to what it really contained, I took a look at とある cat-fancying website and found an acquisition method. Said acquisition method took like a week to actually yield anything, but one day I looked at my bit flow coordination program of choice, and whoa, the thing was dubiously mine. The rest, as they say, is history.

Tech autism:

The original music and sfx is way too high, so their levels have been adjusted in the patch. The help menu option did nothing, so it was removed. A few points to save at have been added, though I didnt go crazy (original only ever took you to the start).

Word wrapping is done using insani’s word wrapping program from their xp3tools suite (I had to resave the output file with notepad++ after adding then deleting a space because it fucked it somehow, shit program tbh). Indentation and paging was done manually, and for indentation I’m using a self-defined tag; classy presentation, brah. I love the way I change the font color and take it back and it’s just spaces so it doesn’t show, instead of actually figuring out how to just output 4 spaces in a krkr macro. WHATEVER.

Em dashes are done using the unicode U+2015 HORIZONTAL BAR character ―. I couldnt be arsed to figure out a way to include a font that had actual em dashes. And I’d already done some formatting in the font I was using before. Don’t be me people. Em dashes are spaced because fuck you, I like how spaced em dashes look and no style guide will convince me otherwise. Thanks.


Translation, Image ‘editing’, Hacking, Autism – Zakamutt

They say third time’s the charm, so I’m sure this one will get a million downloads and propel me into eternal e-fame. Okay so what I actually predict is <japanese porn game>download will make a prepatched release which will get 10x as many downloads as the patch, but anyway. Please do make me feel proud of translating a game I have taken to calling “lesbian rape”, despite it not having any lesbians.

Otomege tl! Ichigo & Kyuugo full release

Game title screen, showing Ichigo & Kyuugo logo and the menu options Start, Load, and Extra.


Once upon a time, a young boy of a mere twenty-seven years played an obscure otomege that he could only get by downloading the russian-language release and disabling the patch. He found it strangely charming, even if it had its weak points. So he decided he’d maybe translate it in like 2035 or something lmao.

The name of that game was Ichigo & Kyuugo.

So okay intermission, what the fuck is I&K about? Well basically Ichigo really loves Kyuugo, to the point where she’s proposing marriage to him during everyday conversation out of some desperate desire to get him to not diss her. Kyuugo, however, is having none of it. So naturally, Ichigo escalates even further – in one of several ways. There’s quite a lot of amusing quotable lines, and hopefully we’ve kept that aspect intact in our translation…

Being Ichigo is suffering

…That’s right, we’re releasing a translation riiiiight now. You can download it using this extremely large link that looks like it belongs on a warez site, if you missed the other one up top.


Rama tells me I have to say it had 4 endings and a 10-15 minute playtime so uhh consider that information delivered… Oh yeah this also has the russian patch file in if you happen to want that one, consider it preservation because I think the release is only available from the Internet Archive these days. If it not be like that, it’ll happen with time anyway.

Okay, end intermission, it’s time for TRANSLATION HISTORY.

So fast forward a few years and Hata keeps bugging me about translating shit so I half meme half seriously get the scripts out of the game and in order and put up a translation sheet. Because Hata is an ADHD-ridden wreck he does precisely 0 out of like 300 lines (sasuga).

Okay, so that didn’t work out.

Some time passes, and I mention my predicament of having put in like an hour’s work plus into this shit to my good friend and fellow memer Ramaladni. He expresses interest in translating, I pick up the TLC slack to cover for his lesser experience in moon-rune decryption, and not being Hata he actually does his job. Being Zaka, I eventually actually also do my job, though it takes a fair amount of time. In the meantime I’ve brought on a certain anonymous person to edit the thing, which he finally does after waiting for approximately 6 months or something. Never let it be said that I am not patient. Also never let it be said that I am not a patient. I have diabetes. And autism. And I think I might have pernicious anemia or some shit rn but let’s not get too depressing okay?

Have this tangentially related picture as a palate cleanser

Anyway, the most frustrating part of this project was actually a weird text alignment problem because of a misdesigned button template, combined with our general image editing incompetence. Blood, sweat and tears were shed to stop the text from jumping northwest when moused over.

An early, failed attempt by me to do the text effect justice in the GIMP

The most satisfying part was completely disregarding the original INTENT of the creators and lowering the ear-splitting volume of the bgm. That or fixing their godawful ending screens that display for like 0.5 seconds for no reason. Can nobody in doujin vns script their way out of a paper bag? Honest fuckin question I swear to god.

But enough about me. What does my sla… translator friend have to say about the experience?

Hi, I’m Ramaladni and I am the translator for Ichigo & Kyuugo. Even if it’s a short game, we worked very hard on it, so I hope you’ll enjoy it. Finally I can be free from Zaka’s tyranny…just kidding…haha. While Zaka was moderately strict on me, it was also a great learning experience, so I’m grateful for it. We did our best to make it the most enjoyable experience, so do have fun!

Okay, the editor tho?

hello I’m <censored> and I am an alcoholic

fair enough, dude.

Patch credits:


Ramaladni – TL, Image editing, QC

Zakamutt – TLC, “Hacking”, Project lead, Autism, QC

HMN – Palestinian TLC

ホモ達くん – Editor

Deep Blue – Image editing some of the harder stuff

UtenaBabe (Michelle) – QC


Beatrice – you know what you did ❤ looking forward to that story you’re never writing my man

Konoko, whatever the fuck his actual name is now – tips on how to do some tricky text editing

Jay Riley @jayrileymusic – Much like me, you will never know just what this man did for this project, but his music is p. cool so have a listen

The russian TL team – converting all the system files to utf-16 LE so I didn’t have to also maybe word wrapping code idk lol


UI Font – Wagnasty (
The kami BGM 夏の思い出 – DOVA-SYNDROME(

Senmomo tl: 20k lines done by NOT ME, LF hacker, editor, reasons to believe in God again, etc


So like a guy I know called Jeremiah Sand has worked on a partial tl for Senmomo (20k+ lines translated, trial is 10k); the partial release would cover the trial probably. However, his hacker has gone MIA, the usual tools seem to not work, his editor got depression and killed himself (furi: ghosted him on discord), his little sister got cancer, etc (I don’t even know if he has a little sister fuck). Anyway he needs help doing tech work on the engine and an editor and shit or this thing’s never getting released. He might have significantly less time to work on Senmomo than he did when he was translating the trial, but he’s kind of autistic about August games so if y’all make him enthusiastic about the project again he might be able to get it done eventually.

To aid him in his quest, contact him on discord: Jeremiah Sand#4446

inb4 “I can’t edit or hack but ill be the project leader”

…Or you could pm me first and get roundly mocked before I redirect you, your choice really.

The world ends tomorrow – v1.2 Translation Released!


It’s the evening before the end of the world, and Sumire’s spending it with her big sister, Azami. But will she be able to convey her true feelings before it’s all over?


The world ends tomorrow is a short yuri visual novel originally released by Natsukon, who those of… amber, eclectic tastes may know for their rather different title Yurinate!. No need to worry about anything lewd in TWET though, bar handholding I suppose. Ahem.

I started the translation a few million years ago when I was but a baby who had like 1 year of Japanese experience; it took me hilariously long to get to pre-edit status after… more than one translation pass. As my TLC, Vokoca was a big help in interpreting difficult scenes and suggesting less weeb ways of writing certain things. It’s harder than you’d think, as both characters are speaking very vaguely about a certain something for an extended stretch, and there are some pretty ambiguous passages.

Then I got it all in a sheet, let Fred at it, and proceeded to be too emotionally attached to making it perfect to finalize the lines for like 2 years. Oops!

It’s not like Fred’s edit was bad; he really helped make the text flow smoothly. There are a few lines that I decided to re-do when I finally finalized the script; if anything sticks out to you as bad, it’s not unlikely that it’s one I touched.

And last but not least, I got Konu to help me with editing the UI as I talked about the translation in Verde’s kami tier discord. Without Konu’s freely offered aid, I probably would have released with them unedited; I really owe her, especially given how short TWET is.


Yes, the first public version is 1.2. Deal with it. Also #freepalestine